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Podcast Interview Prep

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Once you have established a podcast and are ready to bring guests on for interviews, you will need a plan for how you will conduct your interview. Use this e-mail guide to prepare your guest for the interview.

Prior to recording an interview with a podcast guest it is important that you make them comfortable. With that being said, the easiest way to do that is by being transparent. Below you will find information to include in your e-mail to your guest.


- Explain your podcast.

- Share your goals and mission.

- Let the guest know how the interview will be recorded (in person, video, audio only, etc.).


- Video Quality

Lighting: Explain to your guest the importance of good lighting. Share tips on how to make use of natural day time lighting and include links on where to find ring lights. Ring lights can be found for around $30 at: - Camera: Your guest does not need a fancy camera, the laptop webcam or cellphone camera will work just fine. If they choose to use their phone, make sure that they have a way to keep the phone from moving around. Share tips with them on how to use books to prop the phone against and be sure to include links to simple tripods for under $10 like this one here:


First and foremost your podcast is designed to serve your listeners it should not be focused around making offers for your guests business. Each business is allowed to promote and share their conact information at the end of the episode. Ask your guest to include links that you will share in the episode description.

Questions to ask:

- What links would you like me to include in the episode description?

- How would you like be introduced in the interview and on social media posts that promote the episode?

- Do you have a podcast?

- Would you be interested in having me on as a guest for your podcast?

- Is there anyone you would like to refer to be a guest on the podcast?


Explain to your guest that by participating in this interview, you agree to allow [YOUR PODCAST] to repurpose the content from the recording for use on other platforms such as, but not limited to, Youtube, the podcast, website and on social media for promotion.

Lastly ask:

-Do you agree to these terms?


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