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Defining Success

Julie Deem and Kathrine Bright get into the multifaceted concept of success beyond just monetary gains. In this insightful discussion, explore various ways to measure success in your business and personal life.


02:12 - Aligning Actions with Vision

04:45 - Setting Clear Goals

07:10 - Reflecting on Personal Growth

09:30 - Measuring Profitability with "Profit First"

12:15 - Expanding Customer Base & Passive Income

14:20 - Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

16:45 - Gathering Stakeholder Feedback

19:00 - Checking in with Personal Satisfaction

21:30 - Continuous Learning & Adaptation

24:00 - Managing Time Effectively

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how to define success beyond monetary terms.

  • Learn strategies to align actions with your business vision.

  • Understand the importance of setting clear goals and measuring progress.

  • Explore the "Profit First" approach to financial management.

  • Gain insights into expanding your customer base and ensuring satisfaction.

  • Gather feedback from stakeholders and evaluate personal satisfaction.

  • Embrace continuous learning and effective time management techniques.


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