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Balancing Mom Guilt While Running a Business

Julie Deem and Kathrine Bright dive into the all-too-familiar territory of mom guilt, particularly as it intersects with running a business. Join us as we share our experiences, insights, and strategies for finding balance between family responsibilities and entrepreneurial pursuits.

🎯 Highlights:

Setting Boundaries: how establishing clear boundaries between work and family time can alleviate guilt and increase productivity.

Strategic Time Management: maximize your time by integrating business tasks into family activities while maintaining quality time with your children.

Embracing the Chaos: highlighting the importance of flexibility and adaptation.

Communicating with Kids: emphasizing the significance of transparent communication with children about work commitments and the value of being present in the moment.

🔍 Timestamps:

00:01:00 Importance of setting boundaries between work and family time.

00:02:45 Strategies for strategic time management and integrating business tasks with family activities.

00:05:00 Embracing chaos and flexibility in managing work and family dynamics.

00:07:30 Communicating openly with kids about work commitments and being present.

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