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208 - Trauma Healing Through Movement and Play with Angie Berrett of Angie Berrett Movement

Listen to the full episode in the links below:

Julie Deem invites Angie Berrett to the show. Angie is a child abuse survivor that transitioned from a high-stress career as a registered nurse to a trauma-informed yoga instructor. She shares how trauma-informed yoga became a crucial part of her healing journey and discusses the role of play and movement in trauma recovery.

Episode Highlights:

  • Angie's personal experience of discovering childhood abuse memories eight years ago and opens up about the impact on her mental health, leading to a break from nursing.

  • The significance of play in connecting with the nervous system, discussing the connection between childhood circuits and the importance of play.

  • Defining moment that led Angie to leave nursing, linked to the emergence of abuse memories.

  • The individualized nature of incorporating play into daily life.

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