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Are you seeing a positive return on your current marketing strategy? At The Business Podcast Editor we work directly with thought leaders to create podcasts that drive sales without spending money on ads even if your business doesn’t have a strong lead generating source yet.

"Thank you for creating our launch!

It was amazing!!"

About me:

HI! I am so excited you are here!! My name is Julie Deem aka Indymompreneur on Instagram

As the co-host for the podcast, UNITED State of Women, I understand firsthand what it takes to edit and produce a quality podcast. It is my mission to help business owners save time on editing and distributing their podcast.

I have been producing podcasts since 2019 and have helped pocasters all over the world. I offer post-production audio editing, show notes, marketing and SEO support making your podcast unique and tailored to your buyers needs.

If you are tired of trying to get more traffic to your business by being everywhere all the time, let podcasting be your tool to save you time and generate that organic traffic consistently.

Click here to hop on a quick call to see if podcasting is a good fit for you!

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UNITED State of Women:

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