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If you are considering starting a podcast or already have one that you're recording, I am here for you. "The Business Podcast Editor," is a professional podcast editing service that does more than edit and mix your audio files. I have created customizable packages to fit your business needs.

"Thank you for creating our launch!

It was amazing!!"

About me:

HI! I am so excited you are here!! My name is Julie Deem aka Indymompreneur on Instagram

As the co-host for the podcast, UNITED State of Women, I understand firsthand what it takes to edit and produce a quality podcast. It is my mission to help business owners save time on editing and distributing their podcast.

I have been producing podcasts since 2019 and have helped pocasters all over the world. I offer post-production audio editing, show notes, audio transcriptions and Audiograms. Packagers are customizable and catered to your wants and needs.

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