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206 - More Breathing in 2024, with Jenny Cheifetz of Jentle Coaching

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Julie Deem invites Jenny Cheifetz to the show for the first episode of 2024. Jenny is a certified life and breathwork coach. She shares a bit about herself and how she found her path in life and breathwork coaching during the pandemic. Jenny shares the positive impact of breathwork on her well-being, from improved sleep to emotional regulation.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jenny talks about her diverse background and the unexpected shift she experienced during the pandemic.

  • Practical tips for incorporating intentional breathing into daily life are shared.

  • Setting intentions before entering challenging situations and emphasizing the power of mindfulness.

  • Jenny previews her upcoming podcast, "Sideline Sisters," and mentions free resources available on her website.

Learn more about Jenny Cheifetz and her new podcast, "Sideline Sisters" by visiting her website:⁠

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UNITED State of Women Episode 206


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