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Why You Should Start a Podcast (Even When It Seems Everyone Has One)

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

In a world where it feels like everyone has a podcast, it’s easy to be apprehensive about starting your own. You might wonder, "Can I really make an impact? Will anyone listen to what I have to say?" These doubts are completely natural, but they shouldn't hold you back. The fact that podcasts are so popular is a testament to their power and reach.

Beyond the fact that many podcasts quit after a few episodes, there are many compelling reasons why you should start a podcast, even if you think the market is saturated:

1. Your Uniqueness is Unmatched

The beauty of podcasting lies in its diversity. Each person has a unique perspective, voice, and story to share. Your experiences, insights, and personality are one-of-a-kind, and there are listeners out there who will connect with your authenticity. Remember, no one else has your exact combination of knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm.

2. Your Niche Matters

While it's true that there are podcasts on almost every topic imaginable, there’s always room for new voices, especially if you know your niche. Think about what sets your interests on fire or where your expertise lies. Whether it’s niche gardening tips, obscure historical facts, or discussions about the intersection of technology and art, there’s an audience hungry for specialized content. Embrace yours!

3. Connection through Community Building

Even in a vast sea of podcasts, there are listeners actively seeking content that resonates with them. Your podcast can become a beacon for those who share your passions and interests. By being genuine and relatable, you’ll attract a loyal audience that values your unique perspective.

4. Podcasting is Intimate

Unlike other forms of media, podcasts create an intimate connection between the host and the listener. Your voice can be a comforting presence, a source of inspiration, or a catalyst for change. Listeners often form deep connections with podcast hosts, making this medium incredibly impactful on a personal level.

5. Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Starting a podcast is not just about what you can offer to your listeners; it's also a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. You'll learn valuable skills such as public speaking, content creation, and networking. Over time, you’ll refine your message and style, becoming a better communicator and storyteller.

6. Impact Beyond Downloads

Impact is not solely measured by the number of listeners. Even if your audience is small, the quality of your engagement matters. A dedicated community that values your content and interacts with you can be profoundly impactful. Your podcast might inspire, educate, or entertain just a handful of people, but it can still create meaningful change in their lives.

7. Podcasting is Always Evolving

The podcasting landscape is continually evolving. New technologies, platforms, and formats are emerging, providing endless opportunities for innovation. By starting now, you position yourself to grow and adapt alongside the medium, potentially reaching new audiences in the future.

8. You Are Not Alone

There’s a vibrant podcasting community willing to support newcomers. From online forums to social media groups, there are spaces where you can learn, collaborate, and receive encouragement from fellow podcasters. The sense of camaraderie can help alleviate your apprehensions and provide you with the confidence to launch your podcast.

Remember, your voice matters and your perspective is valuable. Don't let the fear of getting lost in the crowd stop you from sharing your passion and knowledge. Embrace the unique qualities that make you who you are, find your niche, and trust that there are listeners out there waiting to connect with your podcast. Your journey might just inspire others to embrace their unique voices too.

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