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Serve by Example, Kentucky Flood Support

3 weeks ago, Breathitt County Kentucky was hit with what was described as a, “once in a millennia flood”. This flood completely devasted the community and destroyed many many homes. The death toll surpassed 30 people and the county was still recovering from a historical flood that had happened just 16 months before this one.

The Happy Church is in the city of Jackson which is located in one of the poorest parts of Breathitt County. It is one of the main resources for the city of Jackson and has served this community for many years. The week of the flood, The Happy Church was scheduled to have a shoe drive for the children of Jackson as a back to school give away. All of the shoes were also ruined in the flood. From the outside it would appear the community has lost everything. On the inside their spirits are strong and the resilience to rebuild and restore the city is palpable.

Many people have come to help but the journey is just beginning. Many families lost their entire home and don’t have the money to rebuild. I saw people sleeping in tents in their front yards while they survive working during the day and repairing their home in the evening.

I had the opportunity to travel down for my birthday and help people who will never be able to repay me. When I came home and shared the stories with my family, they were eager to come down and help so we went again the following week. As I mentioned earlier, this flood occurred 3 weeks ago and now the support for the community of Breathitt County is slowing down. The work however is still in the beginning stages. I share more about the trip in episode 135 of, UNITED State of Women. You can listen to it here on Apple or Spotify and everywhere else.

What can you do?

I am glad you asked!!!


All of the prayers right now for a community that is so broken-hearted. Prayers for healing and comfort. Prayers for restoration and peace. Prayers for miracles.


I am not affiliated with, The Happy Church but this family is one that is like my own family. They love on the city of Jackson all year long and this church is leading the way for helping the city get back together. Beyond money, they need resources for the community, you can find that information here:


Are you near Jackson, Kentucky? They would love to have your helping hands. The Happy Church has a couple places on campus for volunteers to sleep.

This isn't my usual blog post and it's my hope that you will consider taking a moment to pray for this region of our country. You don't have to travel to make a difference, no contribution is too small.

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