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Podcast Guest Pitching

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Advantages of being a guest on a podcast:

· Gives you the opportunity to get in front of ideal clients. Being in front of your perfect prospects establishes you as an expert and builds authority with people you might not find through your current marketing strategies.

· Faster connections with an audience. Instead of writing a guest blog, going on a podcast helps you build connection with an audience in less time than it would taking the time to write and publish a guest blog article.

· Builds trust quickly. Podcast interviews are typically less than an hour long and in in that hour listeners will learn a lot about you. As they get to know about you, there is room for trust to develop.

Develop a stand out pitch:

· Research podcasts that have audiences where your perfect prospects will be hanging out. There are so many podcasts and you want to find a podcast that will serve your business goals. Create a list of podcasts that you’re interested in being a guest on and start listening to the shows to learn more about the hosts and how you can serve their audience.

· Reach out to the podcast host. Use social media to connect with the podcast host. Share a brief introduction about yourself and what inspired you to check out their show.

· Listen to their podcast and mention a couple episodes that resonated with you.

· How can you add value to their podcast? If you have a service or a product that their audience can benefit from, you will want to share those benefits. Be clear and specific with the value you can add to their show.

· Include relevant analytics about your email list and social media following. These are important numbers to use when it comes to proving how you can grow their audience and add new listeners to their show.

· Share other places that you have added valuable content. If you have been a guest on another podcast or spoken at an event with a large audience, include that in your pitch. This will add credibility and make you a more desirable guest.


Next Steps:

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