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Interview Your Next Guest Remotely

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

The current pandemic has created a lot of challenges for podcasters. Personally, I have not been physically in our recording studio in over a month! I have created a makeshift recording studio for the time being in my home office. Considering this, we have interviews on the schedule and even though we cannot meet in person, technology makes it possible for us to still conduct the interview remotely. Which is why today I am sharing the two big things you need to know when it comes to recording your next podcast remotely.



If you have an interview on the calendar that you do not want to reschedule because of Covid-19 then I have got you covered!! The two things you need to to record your next podcast episode remotely are, a plan for how the interview will be done and reliable software to record the interview.



1. Always plan ahead. When you record remote there are so many things that are out of your control. Make sure you know what you are looking for and have a pre-interview to help with how you will block out the interview before you hit the record button.

The first time I ever did a remote interview I asked my cousin who owns a personal training business ( if she would be my guest. Kat already had experience doing video conferences because her business is online and she meets with clients remotely on a regular basis. The reason you need to plan ahead is because if you are like me and you are not good with new technology, it is probably a good idea to plan ahead with a practice run. Learn from my mistake, Kat and I talked for almost 2 hours that day. It was not until weeks later (after I finally figured out how to even access the audio files from the call) that I realized it only recorded 2 seconds of the conversation. I know. So disappointing. The good news here is that I was at least halfway smart and asked for my cousin's help. I plan to record another interview with her in a couple weeks, this time I will be more prepared.



2. Now that you have figured out how you will record your podcast remotely, you just have to figure out which software you want to use. Zoom is very popular right now and that is because is is easy to use. Meeting hosts are provided a link and you can add a password to that meeting to ensure only you and your guest have access to that line. Another good recording application is called, Squadcast. This is a newer and up and coming brand that is gaining a lot of popularity among podcasters. At the end of the day play with a couple different ones and figure out which you like best.


Are you having any troubles recording your podcast remotely? How can I help make your podcast better? The business Podcast Editor, edits podcasts for different businesses to get them optimized for distribution. This makes them sound more professional and gets them loaded faster. It also frees up time that you could be spending on creating new content.

Email: to get started.



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